Tested beyond limits


The Quantum quality sTandards

Quantum Lures

Our Lures are constantly tested by our team anglers – this ensures that they are created “directly on the water” and bring real added value for the angler. In this way, catchy classics are created, such as the Q-Paddler and Hairy Mary for Zander and other predators or the Twinler, a real weapon for large pike. 

Our plugs are made by Mann’s in America where we have selected the most consistent catchers for the venues you fish.


Our reels are made for catching fish and the most important moment is the reels drag. It is precisely in this situation that you have to be able to trust your equipment 100% – that’s what the name Quantum stands for! We test the breaking force of each new design in our reel simulator to make sure that we exploit the optimal performance of the reel. Only when this test is passed does a reel model go into series production.


It is of upmost importance that every piece of equipment an angler uses must work perfectly – that’s what Quantum stands for! That’s why we test our rods uncompromisingly and even, for research purposes, to destruction! By doing this we know every detail, every weak point but also the strength of every rod.

We produce highly sensitive blanks whose action ranges from fine tip action (fast taper) to semi-parabolic action (moderate taper) to parabolic action (slow-taper). In addition, there are all gradations in speed, up to the extra-fast actions.

Everything is tested until the rod is perfect.


All Quantum reels have an extremely robust yet very fine-running transmission. Our engineers are not only theorists, but are also familiar with the practice of fishing so you will find every possibility of optimization. Every one of our customers will feel this in the precision and reliability in the reel.


The bail arm of a reel is a very important component, the better it works, the less it has to be considered by the angler. The less reliable it is the more chance of it clicking over, line breaking and the lure being lost. This must be avoided at all costs and so we can guarantee this, we test this component mercilessly.