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Do you have a question or a problem with one of our products? We very much regret that, despite our constant efforts to improve our products, you may have a problem with your Quantum product. But we will help you quickly and easily!

To do this, please contact the Quantum dealer where you purchased the product immediately. The qualified dealer knows best how to get help as quickly as possible. He will carry out minor repairs on site and you can continue fishing without delay. Otherwise, he will send the affected product to us as quickly as possible and arrange for your repair request to be processed. In the event of a complaint, please remember to present the purchase receipt to your dealer so that a possible warranty claim can be checked.

You can also order spare parts from specialist dealers. Precise information helps the retailer and us to quickly assign and process your request:

Order rod parts

  • Name of the rod with indication of length.
  • Ideally the article number (printed on the handle).
  • Desired part number counted from above (part 1 is the tip of the rod).
  • The order number of the spare part is often already printed below.


  • Name and size of the reel.
  • Ideally the article number (printed on the underside of the reel box).
  • Desired part according to the exploded view. The common reel drawings can be found on our website here.
  • Marking the required parts on a copy of the exploded view reduces the processing time.

Your dealer no longer exists?

If the Zebco specialist dealer where you purchased the product no longer exists or is no longer within reach, e.g. due to a move, please contact the nearest Zebco specialist dealer. You can find out where it is by using the dealer search on this website.

Repair processing problems? Please use the contact form on this website.