Revolutionary digital catalog for anglers

Zebco Europe has been running a completely new type of consumer online portal for some time. The new website is available in nine languages at Customers of the company with its seven global brands Quantum, Rhino, Browning, Black Cat, Zebco, Radical and Magic Trout can now use this domain to find out more about every […]

Sharp Shooting for Pike

June 2021 The Scandinavians mastered and perfected ‘Sharp Shooting’, also known as ‘Pelagic Vertical Jigging’ several years ago and its accounted for a huge number of specimen pike that before were just an angler’s dreams. Catching predatory fish on traditional proven methods is unquestionably fun but when it comes to catching several big fish in […]

Freak of Nature

May has come and with it the end of the closed season for the pike. Pike fishing in early spring always promises that extraordinary thrill and now is the time to be on your toes and have the most important tools with you. The right lure plays a big role and not all lures are […]

In Search of Drain Pike!

How do I effectively fish for drain pike in the frost and snow? A drain system often seems unspectacular to a pike angler at first, a daunting location and it’s difficult to see why pike should roam these waters, but look closer and small features start to stand out. For the interested pike angler my […]