Revolutionary digital catalog for anglers

Zebco Europe has been running a completely new type of consumer online portal for some time. The new website is available in nine languages at Customers of the company with its seven global brands Quantum, Rhino, Browning, Black Cat, Zebco, Radical and Magic Trout can now use this domain to find out more about every […]

Urban Bank Fishing

  Modern day street fishing has taken the lure fishing world by storm in recent years and this style of fishing has become extremely popular and is presently experiencing a real hype in activity. This is also the case in Hamburg’s metropolis, the Venice of the North, a truly treasure trove for all predatory anglers. […]

One for All!

For the perch angler in the fishing business today, the range of rubber lures is huge but for the naive customer, well they often experience a sensory overload. Almost weekly the next supposed miracle lure comes on the market and anglers rush to buy in the hope it will increase their catch rate. Unfortunately most […]