Tested beyond limits


Delia Teisakowski is a passionate lure angler and part of the 4Steet/Quantum Team. Here we delve into why she prefers to spend all her time next to the water’s edge, why it makes her so happy, how she became such an enthusiastic predator angler, what her ambitions are and how the path was paved in joining the Quantum/4Street team? From soap bubbles, sunshine and her very first catch, we catch up with her as she looks back into her precious childhood to the present day.

Delia “I was born and raised in the beautiful Ruhr area of Germany. My sister affectionately calls me Adele, unlike the famous singer from London, I do not sing, my stage is the predatory fish venue of Europe. At the age of seven, on a beautiful summer’s day, I vividly remember sitting on a small jetty in De Vlietlanden with soap bubbles whizzing through my head as I am told to pick up a fishing rod and catch a fish. With rod, natural bait, hook, bucket and net I get excited very quickly and full of childlike impatience and curiosity I wait in anticipation for something to bite. I wasn’t fazed one bit taking a maggot or worm from the bucket and impaling it on the hook and then it happened, a bite and a small slippery fish fall’s victim. More specifically it was a lure rod and that’s how it all started. Thank heavens” Delia laughs.

“With joy at the little “treasure from the depths” I could have grown wings and sat on that jetty till the evening casting out the fishing rod again and again, watching the float bury time and time again. I had so much fun, unlike my sister and brother who were less enthusiastic, preferring just to watch! Yes and then, whoops I fell head first into the water but even this small, cold shower couldn’t dampen my spirits as I was well up for the following day as we were going fishing again! After this things became difficult as I had no one close by to take or fish me but during my apprenticeship my next opportunity came and over the next four years I was able to try out different fishing methods, mostly with likeminded people at the trout pond. Having so many different predatory fish and methods to try it didn’t take long for the hobby to capture my heart and I knew then that this was absolutely my thing, nothing else seemed to matter. The fishing licence was just a formality for me and soon I was in a routine, fishing for anything with predatory fins, mostly on the romantic Rhine where I was fortunate to meet lots of nice anglers”.

Delia’s eyes light up as she talks about the spring of 2019.” I had gone to the Rhine for a spot of zander fishing. In my luggage I had packed a light zander with a rubber lure attached. It was warm and sunny and once afloat I searched and finally found a nice shaded area alongside some moored boats, however I wasn’t quite expecting what was to gate crash the party. The ‘rubber Praline’ turned out to be a popular hit with the river predators with numerous hits from fat perch and zander, however I wasn’t expecting a big Pike to suck in my 10cm twister! The rod was bent double as it tore line of the clutch and I tried everything to keep it from finding the main flow, but unfortunately she did just that and a fish I still dream about was gone! Since that day I have had just one thought in my head, can I find that amazing lure and hopefully return and hook that fish once more?”

“Searching the internet I finally found what I was looking for, it was the ‘Crawling Jack’ from Quantum, yet testimony on just how good this lure is, it was sold out everywhere! It was a spontaneous move but I decided to contact Quantum direct and it was not long before our conversation was making waves. By September 2019 I was part of the team and completely blown away by the 4Street products that they promptly supplied. It wasn’t long before I had met many of the Zebco team members, one being Lennart Düring who I spent a day with afloat sampling many of the great Quantum products. We targeted perch, pike and zander that day and it was here that I developed a preference for plastic lures.”

When targeting zander, the B-ASS Shad, in the colour Firetiger is my favourite lure, it just keeps on producing and if I want to annoy the perch, then it’s the Q-Paddler in the original Appleseed colour. I will never forget an icy day, January just gone. I was wading around searching for perch with the ever reliable perch magnet teamed up with the right rod when the mother of all perch hit the lure, all 49.5cm of stripy beauty! It was a new personal best and, as you can imagine, I celebrated its capture in a frenzy of joy.

When spinning for predatory fish, I generally would recommend a shorter rod, yet you have to take the venue and surrounding features into account. It’s normal to have to hold and cast the rod for hours on end and that’s why I go for the 4Street Purple Haze in a 2.40m length. This rod has a great action and is very light and I particularly like the short handle which makes casting to overhanging trees along the bank side effortless.

That day the perch were in a feeding frenzy, one I will never forget, and me and my fishing companion went on to land numerous perch over 40cm! Sorry I have to mention this again, they all came to the Appleseed Q-Paddler. 


In 2021 I was able to catch a beautiful meter long pike from my kayak when I was actually fishing for perch, but what surprised me was just how delicate the bite was!

In general when fishing for pike, I prefer to fish with the Freak of Nature Swimbaits and the perfect combo is the Quantum Vapor Aggressor X-Heavy, with a throwing weight of 35g to 140g, and a Quantum Exo Baitcaster reel. When targeting pike I prefer to go to the Dutch drains or the nearby Baldeneysee reservoir in Essenand and it’s here where the Freak of Nature Perch in the colour Hot Perch usually comes into play. This colour is very natural, green/gold, a bit metallic and its movement is outstanding and the rubber compound is surprisingly soft, but these baits are not small! Just a word of warning, this lure can consistently catch time and time again, sometimes for weeks, even months, yet on occasions, after maybe just a couple of attacks the tail fin can be lost and without this the lure is far less effective!


With this I would like to conclude my two-year review as a Quantum team angler. As an active lure angler the dynamics and further development in the team remain an exciting process. Every new team member brings a breath of fresh air to the team spirit, that’s how I experienced it, and if I should start singing, I’m only too happy to tune into Max Mutzke’s! I greet all team members warmly and look forward to seeing you – of course on the water!


Yours Delia Teisakowski