Tested beyond limits

Huge Bluefin Tuna of Mallorca!

Bluefin Tuna exists of the coast of Mallorca reaching weights of over 300kg!

On June 12th 2021, Mar Balear Fishing Adventures embarked on a multi-day expedition to catch one of these giants. On board the Pilar 2 are Marek Freyer, the guide of Mar Balear Fishing Adventures, together with fishing professionals Stefan Seuß, Michael Koch, Torsten Schneider (all from Team Black Cat/Quantum) and the friendly angler Daniel Schiller.

After just 60 minutes, a big fish took the bait, a 30cm Tunita (a type of mackerel) on the 130lbs outfit. It quickly became clear that this extraordinary fish would push the anglers to the limits of stand up fishing. One of the toughest fights commenced, one that lasted for over three hours and saw all four anglers taking turns to tame the beast. Finally the huge Bluefin Tuna, surfaced and the team safely unhooked, measured, cared for her in the water before she gained strength and safely released. The magnificent fish measure a staggering 2.73m and was estimated to weigh over 300kg/660lb.

Mar Balear Fishing Adventures, partner of Zebco Europe/Rhino, offers tailor-made fishing trips for Bluefin Tuna, Albacore (Longfin Tuna) and Swordfish.

For more information visit www.mar-balear.com or Tel: +49 176 706 359 48.

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