Tested beyond limits

Timo Kleinekemper

Timo Kleinekemper was born in 1982 and grew up in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and lives in Hamm, working as a technical employee in explosion protection. He has been an avid predator fisherman since he was very young and spends as much time as possible on the bank. His local waters were where his passion for pike were ignited, however it wasn’t long before he was looking for more and bigger pike and soon became drawn to nearby Holland. This is where he became very successful targeting pike, especially on dead baits.

It was in 2015, a period when he was looking to further his career that he applied for a team position with Zebco Europe. The relationship soon blossomed and the native of North Rhine-Westphalia soon found his place, initially as a team angler for Quantum but more recently as part of the Mr. Pike range. This position is ideal as it allows him to incorporate his own ideas and inspiration into the range, something that makes him personally proud. Timo is motivated by his own enthusiasm and is actively on the look out to develop better, more effective dead bait rigs for pike, ones that will help other predator anglers land more pike, even on those cold winter days.

In the warm summer months, when “dead-baiting” isn’t as effective, he likes to go spinning for not just pike but zander and perch. This gives him the perfect balance and allows him to pursue his love for predators all year round. If you are fishing a lake with big pike in it then don’t be surprised if you bump into Timo!

Live from the water