Tested beyond limits

Moritz Schulz

Moritz Schulz was born in 2000 and grew up in Greifswald, Germany. He now lives in Neu-Jargenow, is a 12th grade student and works at Fisherman’s Partner in Stralsund as a freelance guide. This makes him a real youngster, the youngest Quantum field tester in our ranks. 

It all started with his father, who took him fishing at a very early age and at just 15, Moritz became a team member of the Quantum Juniors. The timing was under a lucky star because at the time Zebco were looking out young talented anglers to promote. Moritz was quick to acquaint himself with the Quantum range which fitted in perfectly with his style of fishing. When he’s not in school or holding a fishing rod, Moritz utilises all his free time writing regular articles for the annual publishing house, he’s simply unstoppable! He’s also an active team player at all the major German fishing shows where he represents the Quantum range.

Although Moritz is accomplished in many angling styles his ultimate goal is to achieve much more and is constantly looking for new challenges. Nothing is safe on the sacred walls of a tackle shop, be it a streamer fly, jerk bait, rubber lure or metal spoon, Moritz will experiment with it all! Getting the best out of crazy things is right up his street!

A committed young angler with loads of passion and love for the sport and one who is certainly happy and looking forward to taking on some big tasks in the future.

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