Tested beyond limits

Julien Bridard

Julien was born in 1984 and grew up in the Paris area, where he is still based today and works as a foreman. Here we meet a predator angler who started fishing at the tender age of two and who’s first love was pole fishing. Through his father he later became an avid lure angler as well as discovering a fondness for carp, a species he pursued intensively for several years. Catfish, which then appeared in the Seine, thwarted his plans at the time and have now become a lifetime hobby seeing him travel all around France in search of this species. It’s a never-ending adventure for the predator angler, even if his heart is now more for zander, pike and perch.

Thanks to modern techniques and their constant further development, lure fishing now takes Julien all over Europe where he targets all types of predators, not just in fresh water but salt water as well. Thanks to his natural ability to “read the water”, he has become an excellent predator angler attracting much attention and compiling an impressive list of personal bests. In addition to angling, he keeps himself physically fit taking part in many other sports which he practices on a high level.

Being a true fish magnet, Julien is of course often represented on social media networks. In the Quantum Team France he is valued as a very active member, constantly working on new challenges, new opportunities and new horizons.

His previous records: Catfish: 2.40 m, Pike: 121 cm, Zander: 95 cm, Smallmouth Bass: 57 cm and Tuna to over 100 kg!

Live from the water