Tested beyond limits


Guillaume Gillot was born in 1988 and grew up west of Paris. Today he lives in the French commune of Elancourt and works in office management. 

For Guillaume it was a kind of coincidence to grow up in a region that offered him such good conditions for fishing, so it’s wasn’t a surprise that this became a passionate hobby. Having numerous different venues in the Ile-de-France region allowed him to sample the great fish stocks during this time, it also allowed Guillaume to specialize in targeting predatory fish, something he did without hesitation. 

Guillaume is a calm character who loves to target zander with a caring approach but other predators also find their way to this sympathetic Frenchman such as pike and perch. He sees himself as a perfectionist and a staunch supporter of catch & release and is very comfortable with most fishing techniques. He very often surprises us with catches of large perch which he targets from both bank and boat. As part of the Quantum Team France he is now fully supported to continue his passion and capture every future fishing goal he desires.

His previous personal record fish is a 104cm Pike, caught with a spinning rod of course.