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Freak of Nature

May has come and with it the end of the closed season for the pike. Pike fishing in early spring always promises that extraordinary thrill and now is the time to be on your toes and have the most important tools with you. The right lure plays a big role and not all lures are the same, far from it and today you will see why it’s so important to take the advice of others and never be afraid to try what they consider to be their favourite lure.


Leading up to our first pike session we had painstakingly prepared the boat in the days leading up so it was ready to go. Myself and Lennart Düring (Team Quantum) spontaneously decided on a Saturday evening to put our project into practice the following morning. With a 1m fish in our sights set sail at 7am with Lennart offering me a deceptively real look alike swimbait called the Freak of Nature by Quantum on the way out. It’s a life like replica of a tench in the colour “real tench” and I instantly felt that it would make any predator’s mouth water so gratefully accepted his offer.


We had barely drifted for half an hour when the first bite on the tench came but unfortunately this was only on for a few seconds; however it certainly raised my confidence. Quickly checking the lure, especially the hook points it was quickly cast back into the water when almost immediately it was hit again resulting in a personal best pike of 96 centimetres! To say I was happy was an understatement and the atmosphere on board was simply electric! Two hours later Lennart topped my fish with a 1m pike, again on the Tench but this time in the décor green tench colour. We continued casting around completely happy having landed two superb pike yet towards the end of the day another specimen was landed this time measuring 85cm! It was a truly remarkable session, one that won’t be forgotten and if things couldn’t get better Lennart kindly let me keep the tench!


The following day I was hoping for a repeat performance and off we went once again. At first it was quite tough with nothing happening for at least two hours but then it happened, as I felt a strong thud on my left hand trolling rod. At first I was able to play the fish relatively easily and did not suspect anything big, but then a lightning strike rushed through me when suddenly a giant pike jumped out of the water twenty meters from the boat. After an unbelievable fight and many airborne jumps it was obvious I had my target fish in the net. There was hardly anything left of the Freak of Nature it had been completely inhaled and measuring 1.21m she completely smashed my personal best.


If you’re looking for a fantastic rubber pike lure for trolling then you could do a lot worse than checking out the Freak of Nature range! 


Wishing you all a very successful pike season 

Petri Heil

Live vom Wasser

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