Tested beyond limits

Andre Schmidt

Andre Schmidt was born in 1987 and grew up in Lower Saxony. He now lives in Werlte and works as a solar technician. At the age of 14, Andre experimented with a fishing rod for the first time, spontaneously fell victim to the fishing bug and in no time had a fishing license in his pocket. Since then he has qualified as a top class all-round predator angler.

Only a tiny fraction of the fresh water on Earth is fresh water, to be more precise just 2.5 percent and that’s where Andre prefers to settle down. When fishing from a hide he succeeds in dead-baiting to attract large pike, sturgeons and catfish to his side. He also likes to spend time with his spinning rod on European rivers and Dutch polders, where he then focuses on zander, perch and other predatory species. He also brings reinforcements: his eldest son Sam who is six years old and already a gifted lure angler!

Andre has been part of the Quantum predator team for over two years and represents the Mr. Pike range which has been specially developed for the natural bait pike fishing enthusiast which is a particularly hot topic at the moment. He also loves to test tackle for Black Cat and from the well-known American brand Fin-Nor.

Andre is looking forward to a continued trusting and committed cooperation with Zebco Europe and part of his role is putting everything item of tackle through its paces so all anglers using them are happy.

Live from the water