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Urban Bank Fishing


Modern day street fishing has taken the lure fishing world by storm in recent years and this style of fishing has become extremely popular and is presently experiencing a real hype in activity. This is also the case in Hamburg’s metropolis, the Venice of the North, a truly treasure trove for all predatory anglers. Due to the upswing that fishing in general experienced last year and with the more popular spots becoming overcrowded and the fish here seemingly harder to catch, more and more anglers seem to have been drawn to these waters.


In the winter, areas such as Wharf’s, Basin’s, in fact any area of water in built up areas are good places to head to as the bait fish seem to accumulate here due to the slightly warmer water temperature and as a result the predators aren’t far behind. The water depths in these areas can vary greatly and where I can easily get away with a 12gram weighted lure in one spot, a quick move to another area could see me having to use up to 28grams!


The most ingenious thing about street fishing is I don’t have to take too much kit and a small selection of lures etc can reward me big time. I limited my tackle to a maximum of two rods which covers all eventualities. For the shallower, calmer areas my choice is the Quantum 4street Subway King which has a casting weight up to 17g and for the deeper fast flowing spots it’s the Quantum Smoke which has the backbone to cast up to 55g which easily allows me to cast the 28g lures needed to the predators.


For me the No1 lure is clearly the Quantum 4street B-ASS Shad, an absolutely brilliant lure which almost guarantees fish every trip either set up on a jig head or on various other rigs. In my opinion the three most successful lures setups are either the Carolina rig, the drop-shot rig or simply mounted on a jig head.


The Carolina rig can be a real miracle weapon for winter predators due to its long and slow decent and the motto for this leading techniques is: “In the peace lies the power, with perseverance you will always reach your goal”. This means figuratively presenting the bait as slowly as possible, since the predators in the winter are lethargic and close to the bottom.


My personal experience has shown me that grinding the lure as well as slow lounging it have proven to be the most successful methods of retrieve, yet even the slightly more aggressive jigging can be hugely effective and on some days, this will make all the difference.


As anglers we all know only too well that fish have two faces and behave differently from day to day, meaning we should always continue to experiment as much as possible, especially in the colder months to find out exactly what the predators react to.



Whether on the outskirts of the city or in the middle of urban pulsating life, tight lines to all you fishing enthusiasts!


Jimmy Heinsohn, Team 4Street/Quantum

Live from the water


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