Tested beyond limits

Lennart Düring

Lennart Düring was born in 1998 and grew up in Schwerin. After graduating from high school, he worked for a year at the Institute for Inland Fisheries in Potsdam and is now studying environmental protection and land use planning in Neubrandenburg. 

Going fishing with his grandfather during his childhood is one of his lasting memories and has vivid memories of grabbing any possibility he could to hold the fishing rod. That was the decisive trigger, love at first sight! Since then, the Angel has been indispensable at his side.

The diversity of this interesting hobby and the constant excitement inspired him to try out the wider range of predatory fishing methods. These included jigging with big baits for pike, ultra-light tackle for chub, classic jigging for zander and perch along with targeting asp and chub using small minnows.   

A lot of energy and enthusiasm is required when fishing for predatory fish as it’s so diverse and every venue is different, therefore is not just the local waters he target but also selected tours are on his program. He is confident fishing from the bank, wading for miles in shallow water as well as directly on the water from a belly boat or from a fully equipped bass boat. He finds the experience of pike fishing really explosive and has caught pike numerous measuring between 120cm and 130cm on big rubber lures and jerkbaits. Mecklenburg-West Pomerania is like heaven on earth to him as there are so many great bodies of water there that can be explored where he gains valuable experience and knowledge that can be taken to future venues.

He has been fishing for the Quantum predator team since January 2016 and is very active at the numerous trade fairs and events held each year. Lennart still has very clear fishing goals; his dream is to catch huge fish on the US coasts, such as the peacock bass or the goliath bass.

Its full throttle ahead with Lennart!

Live from the water