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For the perch angler in the fishing business today, the range of rubber lures is huge but for the naive customer, well they often experience a sensory overload. Almost weekly the next supposed miracle lure comes on the market and anglers rush to buy in the hope it will increase their catch rate. Unfortunately most are disappointed, however I’m slightly different as I like to buy lots of unusual lures and it’s often the case that after hours of fishing a well-known heavily fished spot it’s these that seems to catch the only fish of the day.


For me it’s far more important and effective to go off the beaten track and find the fish and when fishing from the bank I don’t necessarily need the trendiest most published eye catching lure to catch.  As a seasoned angler, I have learned to put my trust in a certain lure and for me it’s the 8cm Quantum’s Q-Paddler. It’s simple and straightforward but certainly catches me my fair share probably due to its agile shovel tail which is extremely attractive. When retrieved its whole body flanks from one side to the other without the whole rubber fish rotating like many others. The attractive colours and effectiveness of each lure does vary from one water to another, however my favourite the “Sand Goby” produces almost anywhere.


Equipped with good footwear, a light bag and long net, nothing stands in the way of a successful perch session.


Once the predators have been found, the unbelievably priced Q-Paddler catches like no other, they just keep coming. Having confidence in a lure means that I can keep things very simple, save time in having not to constantly changed weighted heads by continuously fishing a 12g lure at depths between two and five metres. It’s a routine that has rewarded me so many times and once the fish have been located it casts a dream allowing me to work the swim to its full potential. Every lure change takes time and I prefer to invest this time in roving around and covering as much bank space as I can. Once my target fish have been located it’s important to cover the swim carefully, check out every likely looking structure as it’s often the boring ones that produce the most!  


Finding the perch, use a lure you have complete confidence in then work the swim effectively. Do all three well and it’s a recipe for success!


If you are targeting perch then the Q-Paddler from Quantum knows how to catch!


Günther Schuelzle, Quantum Team

Live vom Wasser


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