Tested beyond limits

Holger Aderkass

Holger Aderkass was born in 1974 and grew up in Lower Saxony. Today he lives in Norway and works there as a profession baker. At the age of five and alongside his father fishing soon became a massive part in their leisure activities and the two became avid nature lovers enjoying many wonderful experiences along the way.

In 1998, fortune was on Holger’s side as whilst fishing at his local club lakes in Scheeßel (Lower Saxony) he bumped into the product manager at Zebco Europe, Jürgen Masuch, who asked him straight out if he was interested in becoming a field tester. The second offer wasn’t long in coming as Zebco Europe were looking for someone who was innovative, imaginative and inventive to help in the development of a carp range which was still in its infancy back then. Holger’s creative mind was perfect for the role and he didn’t have to think twice in agreeing to further his career. This carp range is now professionally set up and trades under the name of Radical.

In 2008 Holger emigrated to Norway, where he has become a specialist predatory angler and is now a member of the Quantum predatory fish team.

His collaboration with Zebco HQ, based in Tostedt, now goes far beyond the usual scope of a test angler, in fact he has now become a permanent fixture in the company, and to this day, and still full of enthusiasm, continues the role of Media Consultant for Public Relations. In the spring of 2018, when the company celebrated their 20th anniversary with the likeable Lower Saxony, the popping of the champagne corks could be heard from afar. A favourite quote that Holger has lived by for many years is: “Don’t try to walk if you know you can fly.”

Not only is he an all-round angler, Holger has another passion in his camera, which he is only too happy to pull out and snap away. This has created a stable and fruitful cooperation with various fishing magazines which has seen well over 200 articles of his published making him one of the company’s most successful authors.

His biggest catches to date are: Pike 132cm (40lbs), Zander 96cm (18lbs), Perch 53cm (5.4lbs), Cod 136cm (48lbs), Pollack 108cm (21lbs), Halibut 142cm (64lbs ), Sea Trout Saltwater 72cm (7.6 lbs), Sea Trout 93cm (17 lbs), Carp 96cm (42 lbs), Grass Carp 123cm (36 lbs) and Eel 105cm (5 lbs)

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