Tested beyond limits

Fabien Abrial

Fabian Abrial was born in 1983 and grew up in the southwest of France, where he still lives today and works as a project manager for the Regional Fisheries and Water Protection Association. Even as a child Fabian roamed the rivers of the Pyrenees with his fishing rod and this is where he built a solid foundation trout fishing. However it didn’t stop there as he quickly became curious about other species and started to explore and enjoy fishing for predatory fish. Since then, he’s been savouring every minute when it comes to tracking down these predators. 

The variety of techniques, fish species and contrasting venues are an irresistible attraction for him and he now enjoys fishing in regional competitions and has articles and videos in many established angling magazines. And so he meticulously follows the path he has taken and turns his passion into a second job: in addition to his project manager role he has become a well known and respected professional fishing guide. 

In terms of fishing style he simply loves every new challenge and grabs any opportunity as they arise and it’s for this reason that Fabian has been part of the Quantum Team France since 2014, as it allows him to contribute his impulses and tirelessly campaign for fishing into the brand – just like that very first day.

His record catches include: Catfish: 2.15 m, Pike: 100 cm, Zander: 90 cm and Smallmouth Bass: 56 cm. 

Live from the water