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Innovation & Tradition bY Quantum Fishing

Since its introduction in 1984, the Quantum brand has been synonymous with predator anglers around the world. Products developed down to the smallest-detail, with outstanding quality are hallmarks of the Quantum brand. Developed and engineered in America, the land of predator anglers and lure lovers!

With a team of engineers developing technical fishing products over the last 30 years for the largest fishing market in the world. Angling professionals with countless championship titles, such as Kevin VanDam, have fished their entire career with Quantum rods and reels. Proof of the reliability of our products when it counts, out on the water.

Quantum products are tailored to the needs of anglers worldwide. Our team of European designers and technicians work tirelessly to develop cutting-edge products for every aspect of European predator fishing.

Numerous product ideas are merged with one another, every aspect is important and every single raw material is analyzed and comprehensively tested before it reaches production. Proven Quantum quality and cutting-edge design, giving you top-class fishing tackle.

Quantum Products

Check out our latest range of products for all aspects of spinning and trout fishing. Specialist products developed for the demands of modern anglers. When only the best will do.